Thank you for caring about clean energy and a renewable future! The main reason we put this community together was to support gamers who wanted to make a difference in the fight against climate change. If you haven’t already, one of the best ways to support our efforts is by switching to clean energy for your home or apartment through the amazing folks at Arcadia Power.

If you would like to help us offset the cost of running this site and other community activities including giveaways, checkout the links below!

Investing in the future!
Sign up for a Robinhood account and start investing in responsible and sustainable companies. You’ll get a free share when you sign up to start your portfolio off right!

If you’re interested in passive savings and earning money, you can also set up an Acorns account. They offer round ups so when you spend money, they’ll round up and save the change for you!

So whether you’re buying games, loot boxes, DLC or even taking Uber rides, you can feel good that you’re putting a few cents away into savings. You’ll get $5 to start saving today when you sign up through Green Gamers!

Buy discounted games!
It’s no secret that plastic is terrible for the environment. Downloading games is not only eco friendly but can help you save some green as well. The infographic below is a few years old but it illustrates the impact we as gamers can have when we choose downloading over purchasing physical games.

Credit: Big Fish Games

What’s your fantasy?
If you’re old enough to play fantasy sports, join us for the GreenGamers.Earth DraftKings League! We’ll have new contests posted regularly, especially during football season I keep a lookout!

Finally, if you’re looking to donate directly to help us with domain and hosting fees, follow this donation link. All donations will be reinvested back into the community so you can help us reach more gamers to combat climate change.

Thanks again for being Green Gamers!

Live and Carbon Free!