The fight against carbon always begins with reducing, reusing and recycling. From cleaning out your dryer vent, changing air filters regularly or even putting draft guards on your doors, every little bit counts! After squeezing as much carbon reduction from my daily activities as possible, I was ready to take the next step.

It is impossible to not leave behind a carbon footprint as a 21st century American and nothing demonstrates our continued reliance on pollutants more than our electric bills.

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My state’s main energy source is coal which meant that every time I fired up my gaming rig or otherwise consumed electricity, I was directly harming the environment. I knew there had to be a way to reduce my impact, even though I didn’t own a home. After countless hours of research, I finally found the perfect solution for my apartment.

Arcadia Power offers consumers in the US with the opportunity to offset their electrical usage with clean, renewable energy! I started by signing up for their free plan which included converting 50% of my electricity from dirty pollutants to green sources. That’s when it hit me…

I could convert 100% of my energy usage per month for only an extra $10! I thought about all the times I had spent at least $10 in the past year on games, skins, loot boxes and DLC. I quickly lost track after $250 which is when it finally sunk in. For less than half of that, I could completely power my apartment with green energy for an entire year!

Now that my carbon footprint had been significantly reduced, I had one last carbon emitting monster to tackle: my car.

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