Every time we power up computers and consoles we can help reduce the effects of climate change. When we crank the AC or heat, turn on fans, charge devices or even open the refrigerator, we’re using electricity primarily produced by pollutants. On average, only 10% of energy produced in the US comes from renewable sources.

This means even for a small apartment like the one I share with my wife, we still produce over 15,000 pounds of CO2 emissions per year. The average American household emits almost double that and in order to offset the carbon pollution, they would need to plant about 90 trees per year.

As gamers, we know a thing or two about saving the planet. Fighting off aliens to protect Earth in “Destiny” or teaming up with heroes from the Omnic Crisis in “Overwatch”, we spend countless hours defending Earth in the future. What if we could help save our world from the devastation right now?

I mention Destiny and Overwatch because their developers added renewable energy into their games ! Overwatch predominantly features solar energy as a key power source for humans in the future. From that wild looking wind turbine on Ilios to wave energy conversion on Titan’s moon in Destiny, renewable energy will continue to impact gaming in the future.

Overwatch concept art, Credit: Overwatch Wikia

Overwatch is predicting yellow solar panels in the future!?

Carbon is wreaking havoc on our planet and continues to drive climate change at an alarming rate. Species are disappearing from areas they used to inhabit, extreme weather events are becoming more frequent and sea level rise is already impacting coastal cities. If carbon was a visible foe, we would take drastic action to protect ourselves and the planet we call home.

7 Things You Need to Know About Climate Change

So what can we as gamers do to help Earth and kick Carbon’s ass!? Quite a bit actually! From reducing waste, reusing products and recycling, we can start making an impact immediately. Ready to take the fight to carbon? Read my next post on how we can make a difference!

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