I loved The Division when it first came out and rediscover it a year later on PC playing with some of my closest friends.

I have high hopes for The Division 2. Tom Clancy games have a way of peering into modern life through the lens of national and constitutional emergencies. The backdrop of DC this time around as opposed to NYC allows for new scenarios, new enemies and the same desperation of the first one. What it does capture this time around is how the human spirit refuses to quit and what the remnants of DC would need to survive.

I was struck immediately with the state of DC as compared to NYC from The Division. DC has had time to slightly recover as it’s been months since the initial calamity struck. The Division 2 has a more robust safe house system than the first which plays into the new narrative. Outposts have popped up around DC and without much assistance from the law, they’re not just surviving on canned goods but attempting to rebuild. Utilizing rooftop agriculture, rain collection and solar power means these residents have a solid base to start with.

The mechanics of upgrading these communities share similarities to that of The Division but the stakes feel higher. I actually want to run their missions, donate supplies and help them get stronger. Unlocking new allies is also a big plus. It’s no longer just upgrading certain wings to gain unlockables at a central location, though that does exist with The White House. These are distinctly separate from “home base” and while the mechanics may serve as a means to an end, it forced me to empathize with what real Americans might go through in a similar scenario.

Division 2

Credit: Ubisoft

While it makes sense that these communities would use renewable resources and energy, I was struck by their spirit to rebuild and fight back. They’re no longer victims, they run resupply missions, defend locations and their bases with very little assistance. The Division serves as a way to help bolster these communities, not to just protect helpless NPC’s.

I’m looking forward to The Division 2 for the big reasons you can imagine. Vastly expanded endgame, Dark Zone reworks, changes to gear and build customization options but rebuilding the vibrant survivor communities across DC is yet another reason to keep coming back!

Some memorable moments from The Division and stream shenangians below!

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