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Even if you don't own your home, there are plenty of options for reducing or eliminating your carbon footprint!

Clean Energy

Turn 50% of your home's electricity consumption into wind energy for free! We've got you covered so you can focus on late night fragging sessions while saving the planet!

Go Solar

Want to produce 100% of your energy from the sun? Learn more about how you can produce your own energy, save money and even add value to your home!

Play Games

Fire up your rig and join us as we play a variety of games every week! We'll have green giveaways, streams and content so keep an eye out.

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The Best Fallout 76 Bug Yet

I’ve been diving into Bethesda’s latest and greatest since the Beta and spoiler alert: I’m really enjoying it. I’ll save an in-depth review for another post (maybe) but for now, I want to focus on Read more…

WTF Are Carbon Offsets?

So I don’t need solar panels or my own personal wind farm to be powered by clean renewable sources? You sure don’t! To power your home with 100% clean renewable energy, click here. If you Read more…

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